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Knowledgeable Jade Historians

HongShan Foundation has a truly impressive assortment of ancient jade items, including beautiful dragon, phoenix, tiger, and even humanoid figures. Each item has an individual value based on its construction, age, and a wide range of other factors. At the HongShan Foundation, we place a special emphasis on the significance of the stone itself as it relates to Chinese heritage and culture.

The Power of Jade

In Chinese culture, Jade is said to act as a protector against evil that helps you communicate with your higher self while also serving as a conduit between the earthly and the spiritual realms. Jade is believed to calm the mind while helping individuals feel safe and secure, making it ideal for journeys abroad and introspective time alike.

Similarly, jade is renowned as a symbol of goodness, preciousness, and beauty. It was typically worn by the upper class as an additional show of status. Jade makes for an ideal gift as it protects the wearer while helping them connect with an ancient culture.

Precious, Ornamental Mineral

Jade's value is determined in a manner similar to diamonds and is based on both its authenticity and grade. The value of the pieces in our collection has been determined by experts and museum workers from across the globe. These experts have helped us conclude that we could establish a jade museum in the United States, an option we are strongly considering.

Talismans and Figurines

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