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 The HongShan Foundation is a group of collectors who specialize in ancient Chinese jade items. We are in possession of an extensive collection of fine jade pieces that are as venerable as 6,000 years old. We invite interested individuals to peruse our website to gain a better understanding of jade as well as its historical and cultural significance to China as a whole.

We take great pride in the unique pieces that we have on display and hope that you'll be able to appreciate the authentic beauty that can only be found in Chinese culture. We employ numerous experts to determine the quality, age, and value of our items. We hope you'll be able to appreciate the refined quality of our ancient jade as well as the impact that they have had on the world—whether because of their artistic beauty, their financial value, or their cultural weight.

About Us

The HongShan Foundation was originally founded by three individuals who combined their extensive collection of jade pieces into a display of over 5,000 different pieces. Our primary goal is to share and educate people on the cultural significance of HongShan Culture Period jade in regards to Chinese history and culture. Every item in our collection has individual meaning and significance. With over 150 years of combined experience in jade collection and research, we are overjoyed to share our expertise with the world. Through our extensive collecting experience and expertise with a 150-collector's research group around the world dedicated the time to research, we are able to identify the 10 unique tooling metherods and discover 130+ different materials in HongShan Culture Period sacred objects. 

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